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I grew up and always had imagined myself living a fairytale story. As a little girl I longed for the days when I would abandon the dress up wedding gowns and I could step foot into my very own wedding dress.In fact there were numerous occasions where I would play the infamous game of MASH and fully expect that I would marry a handsome man, go on a honeymoon to Hawaii, live in a house, have 4 children, drive a mini van, and so on and so forth..would be the perfect dream come true.Also, I’m old enough to be thinking of a family, more often than not, 20ish yr olds are not. I think a lot of the women’s shift could be described as find people with fairly similar life experiences.Or liking someone who is at a similar place as you in life.I went along with the motions of being in a relationship, and really tried hard to imagine this long term because I wanted it so bad, but the truth is that it was not a very deep or fulfilling relationship. I knew Marv for the entirety of college but had never considered him as more than a friend. Somehow Marv and I started hanging out and I was blown away with the chemistry we had..was so effortless, so natural, so easy. This puts me at the end of my college experience and no where near my fairytale dreams coming true.(This is a side note, but I actually went on a "double date" with Marv and my friend was matched up with Charlie because I really wanted to get to know Charlie and knew Marv was just a "friend" and had nothing to worry about...funny how in the end I ended up dating both of them. At the time I wasn't really sure what it meant to be in love, but I think I was as close to being "in love" with Marv as I could have been at that point in my life. This left me with a sting..like the wind had been knocked out of me.Speed Dating in the City - it's fun, it's fast and it's flirty!

In the process of meeting these guys, I would find one that really stood out...

I expected to get engaged in the last year of college..then as soon as I graduated, I figured I would get married.

It's not that I was trying to be unrealistic and have insane expectations... It just makes sense that love would be so easy, and effortless..it would just play out so neatly in this game called life. I got through High School and had yet to date anyone seriously.

We hold all our events in centrally located bars or clubs hired exclusively for the evening.

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