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I respect men so much up[ to the point of worship that I would gladly let someone that was born with a penis use my ass if they wanted to. Some loose and are born with a gaping hole between their legs. I'm a closeted bisexual guy and since I was in my early teens I had always wanted to suck some cock.However I think a man or boy should never be forced into anything. This group is meant to emphasize above all the difference. I never did anything about it cause I was worried people would find out and I'd be labeled as gay.Boys would be learning to treat females with contempt and view them as a subhuman species.I hope a time will come where we can finally enslave the females and make them do all the hard work.

then sent me to a tattoo parlor wearing a fem boy look with pink lipstick on and get my tongue pierced and buy a few tongue rings and barbells, and a large pink cock shaped one, a few weeks later I had to go there again and get my nipples pierced and gold rings installed, every time I went the girl at the desk laughed at me and told me most real men would never get there nipples pierced or wear lipstick , then a couple weeks after that I had to go back again and get my belly button pierced and buy a ring and a charm that says SISSY from the same girl so embarrassed , then my black master made me buy a cb6000s chastity device online one he picked out for me and watched me buy form his computer and he sent me his lock in the mail with no key , he made me get on web cam and open the ups box and beg to lock my clit up with his lock.Girls or Women however should not have human rights and therefor should not have a say in what we decide happens with or to them. You are born with a little cunt and on that day you basically said. But after years I couldn't take it anymore so I found out there's an adult bookstore an hour from me with a viewing arcade.Even though this group is meant to display both men and women sepperatelly though in very different emotional states.. I want to emphasize the strong male figure vs the weak female piece of rape meat. I had read stories about what happens there so I went to try my luck.I got lost twice on my way there but I finally found it.It took me a good 20 mins to work up the courage to actually go in but I finally did.

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