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Born in 1882, he’d started his career as a high school biology teacher in Seattle but spent most of his spare time exploring the geology of Puget Sound.Although he didn’t have a geology degree at the time, he succeeded in getting several articles on his findings published in scientific journals.Here is Bretz, writing in 1928 after one of his field trips across Washington State in the Pacific Northwest of the US: “No one with an eye for landforms can cross eastern Washington in daylight without encountering and being impressed by the ‘”scabland’.” Like great scars marring the otherwise fair face of the plateau are these elongated tracts of bare, or nearly bare, black rock carved into mazes of buttes and canyons. It interrupts the wheat lands, parcelling them out into hill tracts less than 40 acres to more than 40 square miles in extent.One can neither reach them nor depart from them without crossing some part of the ramifying scabland.The first field trip Bretz made to the scabland of eastern Washington was in 1922.By this point, as a result of his earlier work, he was fully informed about the Ice Age in all its dimensions and more aware than most other geologists that immense ice sheets up to two miles deep, had covered North America for the best part of 100,000 years until the ice melted dramatically somewhere between 15,000 and 11,000 years ago.Extremely youthful and very energetic and always playful.

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Bretz was back in the Scablands in 1923 for three months of exploration and it seems to have been during this field trip that his later views – namely that “some spectacular hydrological event . In the November-December 1923 issue of the Journal of Geology Bretz published a paper summarizing his findings.

To understand the somewhat defensive tone of the paper it is necessary to keep in mind the prevailing geological doctrine of the time, the principle known as “uniformitarianism”.

The two men did not know one another and worked in entirely different fields.

What they have in common, however, and the reason that the mainstream science press which once attacked them now sings their praises, is that both spent decades being vilified by their scientific peers but were ultimately proved right.

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In this article, shows how scientists consistently suppress and marginalise new knowledge that conflicts with established positions and argues that a paradigm shift is underway – a shift that will require us to reconsider everything we’ve been taught about the peopling of the Americas and about the very origins of civilization.

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