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Some people get a right old laugh about Trump and his bizarre comments.

I used to find his fake news outbursts funny, but I don’t any more.

My friend replied “If you leave her she’ll die.” His response?

“This isn’t Europe, things are different here, and there’ll be one less homeless person on the streets if she does.” That kind of attitude sums up America under Trump for me.

He became enraged when she said the president of the United States shouldn’t talk about grabbing women by the pussy.

“You can’t judge a man on what he said in the past,” he argued. Trump is saying sexist things in the present and will continue to do so long into the future, so women can judge away.

But as all this was going on in the background while we worked, nobody said anything. She was crying with the pain and people just kept walking by.

She disagreed with some of Trump’s opinions and this man acted as if she physically assaulted his mother in front of him.

Obviously not all republicans have this attitude towards different ethnicities, but after the events in Charlottesville and the support shown for Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda, parts of America are a lot more racist than I could have imagined in 2017.

I spent most of the summer based in Arizona, another republican state.

You know that meme where the dog's engulfed by flames pretending everything's fine?

That's kind of what it was like living in America for the past three months.

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