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We’d say things like, “I’d like to take you home”, and were shocked at how many times they said yes – especially in Delhi [chuckles]. Tell her how you feel, without being dirty.”“Love grows. There are times when I think I couldn’t love Tina [Twinkle Khanna] more, but she surprises me and I fall for her just as hard as I did long ago.We all think we’re in love when we first meet someone but I think 60 per cent of those feelings are lust.Eventually, it’s your personality that’ll speak, not your work.I hope I fall for a girl who’s in it for me.”“I make a great boyfriend. My mind — set, my outlook, my worldview — everything is changing. It’s not love till you’ve shared your worst and biggest fears with the other person.

While growing up, we used to say outrageous things and were amazed at our success rate.

Relationship advice from the man who married Kareena Kapoor Women can definitely get it wrong. And sometimes you have to treat her like a child and tell her she’s pushing it.

She has to know that she can argue and shout, but that there are certain rules.

Sara who is pursuing higher studies abroad introduced one of her boyfriends to her father Saif Ali Khan.

Talking about his darling daughter Sara, Saif recently said that he met one of her boyfriends.

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