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He’s one of the more unnerving people I’ve been stuck in a bedroom with and I leapt at the chance when he said: “I have the new video if you want to see it.

“It was filmed in this room — it’s quite the panty-dropper, huh?

I’m not saying that about Cornell or Bennington, just to be clear.

“I’ve never tried to kill myself because I’d be great at it.

“I wouldn’t want the baggage that comes with being Marilyn Manson to affect them.” Manson, whose real name is Brian, was close to his father Hugh Warner, who died in July, and it has had a profound effect on his latest album.

I’m still not sure it’s fair bringing up a kid in my world.He adds: “We were both white trash from hillbilly country, to use the vernacular, and sharpened our teeth in Florida.” Manson was also quick to defend his buddy over media comments after the recent Murder On The Orient Express film premiere: “The press said he looked worse for wear and reeked of booze.He looked handsome as f*** and I want to go on record saying that.” Manson, 48, and without children of his own, is godfather to Lily Rose, 18, daughter of Depp and Vanessa Paradis. “Seeing Johnny raise his two kids who are so intelligent and so successful in just being happy while in a world where their father is always in the spotlight and working is very admirable.“But those songs now exist because they were written differently.They were all prose, for the most part, just hadn’t been committed to a song.

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His career is on the move again, though, courtesy of unexpectedly aggressive new album Heaven Upside Down.

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