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You may think that people that you encounter online are a certain type of people, when in reality the person on the other side of the modem could be a predator.It is becoming more and more difficult to have safe interactions with even the people that you know through chatting and using My Space.

He quickly set up a new email marketing firm named Response Base. Sure, but you can't trust him, he believes in the lone gunman and a real moon landing.Mail as the most visited domain on the Internet for US Internet users." Clearly, My Space has become almost ubiquitous—everyone and their mom have a profile up, from the fourteen-year old girl next door to Tom Anderson himself—one of the site's founders and every My Space user's number one "friend"—has over 109 million pals with profiles, and that's just today; by next week that number could easily have increased by millions.There are a lot of wonderful things that are made possible because of the Internet! Make sure that you have met a new friend in person before you ever start chatting with them.And there are ways to safely make new friends on My Space without putting yourself, your identity, your personal information, etc. It may take some of the mystery and excitement out of the relationship to only chat to those whom you have personally met before, but it also takes away a majority of the danger of making new friends.

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There is no need to make a cyber friend at the cost of your safety and privacy.

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