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It was demolished and then temporary bungalows were built on the site to house the various courts; looking at other photos, it became a parking lot, and then eventually the site of the current Criminal Courts Building, or the Clara Shortridge Foltz Courts Building or whatever it's called now. And see that Old County Courthouse that dates from the late 1800s in the 1930 photo?Pete vit dans une ferme isolée avec sa fille adoptive Meg, dont les parents ont disparu il y a quelques années dans des conditions mystérieuses.Il embauche comme aide de ferme Nath, un jeune homme qui tombe bientôt amoureux de Meg. Some color photos, showing the LARY streetcar (NOT the Pacific Electric, which always gets all the hype). Demolition of courthouse, 1936 1948, temporary bungalows housing courts: All photos from

Marilyn Monroe as "Betty." DANGEROUS YEARS (1948) Twentieth Century-Fox 60 min. Marilyn Monroe as "Rose Loomis." GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES (1953) Twentieth Century-Fox 91 min. Marilyn Monroe as "Lorelei Lee." HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE (1953) Twentieth Century-Fox 95 min. I got to tour around DTLA, Pasadena, and out to the beach cities with my inlaws who grew up in LA and Pasadena at that time. Spring Street is to be cut through from Temple Street to Sunset Boulevard to create a new traffic artery, dooming the historic buildings crossed by the dotted lines marking the path of the extension and eliminating Justicia Street that goes up the hill at left. Here's the caption that goes with the photo: The gnarled hand of Time rips out a strip from the heart of old Los Angeles today, to make way for modern progress.

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In the distance, the Hall of Records on the left, City Hall on the right. It shows the plan to widen Spring Street near that now-demolished Hall of Records and old County Courthouse building.

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