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However, for the test per se a coarse temporal order of events implied by the Biblical record will be adopted.

To be comprehensive, the study will include a brief look at the significance, for the Flood-geology debate and the test here, of interpretations of the Bible based on conventional archaeology and source-critical methods.

There are other ways beside geological ones for exploring the Flood geology question.

For Flood geologists, the literal interpretation of Scripture is of first-rank importance.

Recognition of these facts have required young earth creationists to choose between the young earth paradigm and the clear teachings of Genesis 2.

When forced to choose between the Bible and the young earth paradigm, young earth ministries reject biblical teaching in favor of their sacrosanct paradigm.

Such deposits obviously would have obliterated the garden geography.

Such demonstration indicates for them only how to embellish their interpretation, not proving to undercut it or to require its alteration.

The issue of convenience is the geography of the garden of Eden.

Literal Bible interpreters including creation scientists and many others hold to an actual garden no earlier than 10,000 years ago.

In brief, a literal garden geography undermines Flood geology's principal claim of Flood-induced deposition of the Geologic Column, hence the term "erodes" in this article's title.

The geography of Eden has never been known precisely.

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