Dating during a divorce

Your children haven't achieved finality and closure of the divorce, and putting a new person in their life right now isn't recommended by child psychologists.Also, custody and parenting may be negatively impacted if your new boyfriend or girlfriend has a questionable past.This can further complicate the divorce process and significantly increase your legal fees if the focus becomes this new person, instead of you and your own divorce.I also suggest that you be careful about having your boyfriend or girlfriend spend the night when you have overnights with the children.You can contact us online or by calling one of our locations throughout the Midwest in cities such as St.Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, Springfield and beyond.

You also need to be aware that the process can be time consuming and, at times, exhaustive and difficult.

We want to make sure that we keep you and your family's best interest in mind as we represent you.

It is also wise that you be respectful and discreet about your new relationship during the divorce process.

They may have questions like: While the decision to date before your divorce is finalized may not directly impact the results of the case, it can be viewed negatively by the judge, especially if you have a divorce case that involves children.

Bringing that new significant other around your home or your children may be difficult and confusing for your children during this time.

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Innocently, the kids may comment to the other parent about how your boyfriend or girlfriend "tucked them into bed" or "gave them breakfast." This could lead to an emotional response by your spouse and prevent settlement discussions from focusing on the real issues.

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