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If I had a pound for every time someone told me about their worst date ever, only to explain that they just didn’t fancy the other person then I’d probably be pretty rich by now!But no matter how carefully you screen your potential dates, at some stage, you’re going to find yourself on a date where there’s just no chemistry.The older you get, the fewer single friends you may have, so it can actually be really helpful to chat to someone single from the opposite sex. Next time you turn up on a date and don’t feel any chemistry, persevere.

So how do you save a date when there’s just no chemistry? Should you be honest, acknowledge that there’s zero chemistry and call an end to the whole thing? And when some people are nervous, they don’t behave like their normal selves. We overthink things or say what we think someone wants to hear, and before we all know it, we’re just not acting like ourselves.

A number of the guys took time to warm up and really show their true colours.

In fact, I wanted to walk away from my ex-boyfriend after just 30 minutes during our first date, only to end up sticking around for another six hours and date him for over a year!

Either you’re going to blow them off or they’re going to blow you off.

I blow off thee quickly, at a wrong turn of phrase. By hiding after saying, “I’ll talk to you soon.” By calling during thy lunch break at noon. I know you’re asking the question because you’re trying to be sensitive, but face it – you can’t be too sensitive when you’re dating.

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Chemistry is never guaranteed, no matter how great someone seems over messages and emails, or how hot they look in their photos.

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