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It has made me wonder, if one flows into the other, whether there is a Purple Delta somewhere. Let’s take a moment and disabuse those of you who think that Ethiopian food is a plate of sand to be eaten with chopsticks. Unless – you are dining at the junction of sadism and greed. On Saturday, in honor of the beginning of summer, we engaged in waterborne recreation.

It has a lot in common with southern Indian food, a variety of savory stews and baked dishes with many excellent meat and veggie options. Everything they served came with a pretty decent kick. Because , despite the smiles and superficial hospitality they offered there, there’s one thing the good folks at Red Sea never got used to – free water. Charles and Lori picked us up at am for an invigorating drive up to the northern tip of the San Andreas fault.

It’s served on and eaten with sheets of injera - a tangy flat bread perforated with sponge-like holes. I’ve eaten at a bunch of east African places since then but those guys were top rate. Their food was delicious, their place was completely mellow, their injera was fun and tasty and they had great spices. I relished it, I savored it, eventually I felt incomplete without it. The fault can be clearly seen along much of its length, but nowhere, I think, to better advantage the Pt.

The meals are communal, large, delicious, and a lot of fun to eat. Reyes peninsula, where the fault takes the form of a long, skinny finger of an ocean inlet, about a mile wide and running several miles inland, ocean water filling the chasm of the faultline itself.

The kind that the police use to incapacitate treehugging mobs. He offered me beer or a shake, but I stuck with what I could afford: water, please. ” He looked at me as if I had asked to defile his grandmother’s remains.

As my throat started closing up and my head ignited into cheerful flames, I called our server over and asked for water. I had been formally trained to fill a room with my voice, and used all that training to compel compliance. The happy faces on the Ethiopian tourism council posters looked away in shame. glass of water, no ice, and set it desultorily down the table in front of me. With the same window-rattling voice I said, “THANKS, MAY I PLEASE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS OF WATER?

It's good for oysters, elk (a big herd lives on the western peninsula formed by the bay), and kayaking. Charles regaled us on our way in with stories of his recent experiences at a computer convention providing private VIP demos of the upcoming update to his computer game to luminaries such as Robin Williams ("he's tiny, and he's really really old") and Christina Aguillera (who apparently had brought someone along just to ignore stuff for her; her publicist he described as an "unsexy Jon Lovitz" who trailed two paces behind her all day long saying alternately, "thank you so much for everything you do" and "i'm sorry").As I've been at a very important conference to which I have made innumerable invaluable contributions all day long for two days straight, I now find myself in possession of a notebook with nothing in it but the following LIST OF NICKNAMES I WILL NEVER HAVE FOR BETTER OR WORSE (broken down by general category): * Creatures: Gato, Monster, Starfish * Celebrities: Boba, Amazing Mr. "Yes, it was me." (Howls of laughter.) "I've got seven of them. Sure, at this particular moment Kel is plucking my eyebrows and I'm a bit distracted by the regular bursts of searing ocular pain, but it's a small price to pay. He put together a tasting this morning for all 200 of us in this building, with eight carafes of regular coffee labled "A" through "H" on conference tables laid out in a "U" shape, and a table full of cookies in the middle.Limpet, Tinkerbell * Plants: Snapdragon, Periwinkle, Lodgepole * Foods: Pickles, Peaches, Walnuts * Bodily references: Cheeks, Three-fingers, Dan-the-Tan * Professions/Descriptives: Invader, Cowboy, Slick * Tools/Products: Studfinder, Velcro, Ace I will thank you in advance for avoiding these appellations when referring to me, at least in my presence. NO, I'm not "taking a break." Breaks are for the winners, for those of us who have earned their rest, those who are satisfied with their lives. However, there is one impediment to my total nirvanic bliss, my achieving such actualization that I blow myself out of this physical plane into an unexplored dimension. I'm grinning like a dork, sitting in a big barrel of water, staring at myself. We got taster's scoring sheets, little styro cups, and off we went.In the ensuing hours the area had taken on a lot of water and was now a wide and deep mud flat into which they both instantly sank to their knees.Kel lost her shoes three times and kicked an enmired rock.

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