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To choose censure, if we be not ambidexters, vsing both handes alike.

Good parts impar­ted are not empaired: Your springs are first to serue your selfe, yet may yeelde your neighbours sweete water; your taper is to light to you first, and yet it may light your neighbours candle.

Laie then your blisse-full handes on his head (right Honorable) and witnes that he by me deuoted to your Honors, forsakes my priuate cell, all re­tired conceites, and selfe-respects to serue you in the worlde, the world in you; and beleeues in your Honors goodnes, in proportion as his seruice shall be of moment and effectuall; and that you will not onely in due censure be his iudges, but on true iudgement his protectors; and in this faith desires to be numbred in your familie, so in your studies to attend, as your least becke may be his dieugarde; for he hath toong to answer, words at will, and wants not some wit, though he speake plaine what each thing is.

So haue I crost him, and so blest him, your god-childe, and your seruant; that you may likewise giue him your blessing, if it be but as when one standes you in steede, supplies you, or pleases you, you saie, Gods-blessing on him.

Your birth, highly noble, more then gentle: your place, aboue others, as in degree, so in height of bountie, and other vertues: your custome, neuer wearie of well dooing: your studies much in al, most in Italian excellence: your conceits, by vnderstanding others to worke aboue them in your owne: your exercise, to reade, what the worlds best wits haue written, and to speake as they write.

My endeuours, to apprehend the best, if not all: my pro­ceedings, to impart my best, first to your Honors, then to all that emploie me: my proiect, in this volume to comprehend the best and all.

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And I haue seene the best, yea naturall Italians, not onely stagger, but euen sticke fast in the myre, and at last giue it ouer, or giue their verdict with An hath done pretti­lie; and if all faile, although we misse or mistake the worde, yet make we vp the sence. How then ayme we at who haue more proper and peculiar words concerning euerie seuerall trade, arte, or occupation for euerie particular toole, or implement belon­ging vnto them, then euer any man heeretofore either collected in any booke, or sawe collected in any one language? How shall we vn­derstande so manie and so strange bookes, of so seuerall, and so fantasticall subiects as be written in the Italian toong?

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